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Sekali sekali perlu menulis perkara yang terlintas di minda
There are times you must write what crossed the mind

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally made the visit to Simpang Bekoh, Asahan to check out the Tunas Mekar participant now attached to a homestay project. Tunas Mekar is a Malaysian government initiative to create more entrepreneurs among university graduates. It is an apprentice program for local graduates. So the graduate I supervise is doing fine but still needs to learn many tricks of management since enterpreneurship entails management, finance, etc, etc, etc.
now that its done, the report too has also been submitted, whew its a relief after its done.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, 26. July, thank you its Sunday. A late breakfast, a trip to the tailor and shops for my daughter, Lunch at home and the trip to Klang to send my daughter back to her boarding school. My son left earlier by bus.

Monday, 27 July. It's back to classes and I meet the happy faces of teenagers I teach. They are always lively and seldom have much worry to show.
Saturday, 25 July. Took my children to the immigration office to apply for passports. Then took them for lunch since mama had to attend a program in her school. Later that evening we went to Jusco to get some items and look around at the offer prices. Then we had dinner at the estuary of Sungai Duyong, this place is popular for its barbequed fish. This time there was a que to choose the fish, but it was worth the wait since the operator has a very efficient team to satisfy customers. We came home satisfied.
Friday, 24 July. I attended a special meeting calledd by the director, Meeting ended at a quarte past noon. Had a quick lunch and was on my way to fetch my daughter from her school in Klang.
The trip was delayed since i had not done scheduled lubrication service for my car and it wa past due by a thousand kms. Had the car done and went off to fetch her. On the way back we picked up my son from his college, he sprained his ankle and walked with crutches.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The day started with a meeting called by my Director. Scheduled to start at 9 am iI started from home at a quarter past eight, initially planned to be on the dot of eight. This time the meeting is at the city campus of UiTM Melaka, and as a common Malaysian I made it ten minutes late, five of which was wasted to look for a parking lot and another five to walk from the car to city campus building. The meeting did not start off since there were new developments going on, other campuses were closing one after the other; Trengganu, Perak and Pulau Pinang, maybe others too plus non UiTM like teacher institutes.
Datuk director was held up by his involvement in discussions with other directors and Tan Sri VC on their Blackberries (I guess). When he entered the auditorium at half past ten he was still on the phone, at times texting and reading incoming texts. The meeting wasn't actually a meeting, no minutes and more of a briefing on Influenza A H1N1. The main issue was some had written to the editor of New Straits Times under the pseudonym of a writer from Penang, and Datuk director was very unhappy.
The meeting or briefing ended at a quarter past noon and I rushed down, got a quick lunch a and drove off with the intention to fetch my girl from her school in Klang, 150 kms or thereabouts away. I did not rush immediately since the car felt unfit for speeds.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weddinng reception in Bangi

A friend of many many years ago, gave a wedding reception and I was there and met schooltime buddies.
Seated are the newlyweds.
Standing from left Zahari the host, Alim and wife, Azmey with wife and daughter, Juwara and wife or Mazlan and wife?