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Sekali sekali perlu menulis perkara yang terlintas di minda
There are times you must write what crossed the mind

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lifelong learning.

During the last fishing sojourn my fishing buddy Cikgu Aziz mentioned that, for us, there is no point of joining the paper chase because we are not looking for employment anymore; life is reaching phase 3 so "why bother." I tend to agree with that somewhat and answered "There's always lifelong learning for us to seek out." My buddy agreed.
Actually lifelong learning is available everywhere, it is only a matter of whether the learner is sensitive enough to learn from his surroundings. In most cases the normal man in the street is not aware of the things to learn from the surrounding, so the teacher becomes indispensable. It becomes a noble profession and students become enlightened because of the teacher.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Terfikir juga nak tamatkan pengajian hingga PhD. Singkatan iini mempunyai tafsiran yang berbentuk negatif juga selain maksud sebenar ijazah doktor falsafah atau  'Doctor of Philosophy' mengikut bahasa asalnya. Ada disebut juga 'permanent head damage' dan ada juga 'Pengejar hasad Dengki' - mungkin segelintir sahaja yang begitu, tetapi kerana ada berlaku maka diperkata dan diperbesar-besarkan kisahnya.

Berbalik kepada persolan nak mengaji lagi; terfikir juga ekonomiknya; bagaimana dengan ROI pelaburan belajar tu nanti? Ditahap ini mestikah kita menjadi materialis lagi, memikirkan untung rugi dari segi material dan pulangan wang ringgit yang dilaburkan?

Tak perlu jawapan soalan ini rupanya. Biarkan sahaja ia tergantung.

Frequently asked questions

Since the new semester started, this writer met more colleagues often. On most occasions the opening question or one of the earlier questions to be answered would normally be on retirement. "When are you retiring?" or "Bila encik/tuan pencen?" sometimes "Pencen nanti nak buat apa?(What will you do after retirement?)" and many more to that effect. This writer then did not give a standard answer for all these question. It could be a sign of indecision or not yet decided to be exact. He is still keeping his options open, or rather as he used to say in many occasions before; we cross the bridge when we come to it. Whatever that may mean! In mind is the approach of the third phase in life after learning and working, although it will not be within this next six months it will be less than a year, to be exact less than nine months. Your sincerely has to make adjustments and plans for this new phase.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Students are back

The new semester for existing students started on 11th June 2012. We are now into the second week and getting back into the normal teaching and learning routine. This writer feels happy and excited into this new semester, with new students to know and refreshing himself on one course that has been left for nearly three years now, Introductory English for the first semester diploma level students.