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Sekali sekali perlu menulis perkara yang terlintas di minda
There are times you must write what crossed the mind

Monday, March 5, 2012

300 days, what shall it be after that?

1 st March 2012 was my 54th birthday. It was a Thursday, on the same day the pre commerce students had their talent presentation day named "Destiny of Hope" event.
Received two birthday cakes, one from my students and one from colleagues. Students sent their cake during lunch hour break. Colleagues gave me the cake after the Destiny of Hope event, when we had tea. What a bash for my 54th birthday! it never happened (to me) before, 2 b'day cakes! Wow, thank you all those who made it happen.

2nd march starts the 365 day count-down to retirement. I had in mind to keep note of this last year or being a public servant. intend to write every day for the next 365 days into my blog. on this day I went to work but failed to achieve any meaningful job in the morning. Afternoon had to rush back to Tampin to get ready before leaving for KL. We would accompany a nephew, Faiz to be solemnized at Setiawangsa in KL. The occasion ran smoothly, we found our way to the rendezvous taking along a niece and her friend besides the three of us - papa, mama and abang. After solemnization there was a bit of fireworks and food.

3rd march. the wedding ceremony day for Faiz. Its a traditional type of occasion the ceremonial men-carried carriage for the couple, like the Malay kings of old. The lunch after that was good too, my wife and I was invited to take lunch with the brides. We left at about 3 pm for my in-law's birthday in Bangi. Left his house at nearly 6 pm. Reached Merlimau, to send my niece back to Polytechnic at about 9pm. We finally reached home at around 11pm.

4th march. The rest day. Sunday, late breakfast and all. Lunched at Kendong, the normal stall we used to patronise was closed but the alternative was just at par. Had a good rest while working at translating Dr Azam's questionnaire.

5 march. its been five days and I still have not done what I had planned on my 54th b'day. on this day I had to go to Shah Alam for the Tunas Mekar convocation. We left at 10.30 am and reached Intekma, Shah Alam at 12.30pm. It was too early since the convo starts at 2pm so we went for lunch at the Shah Alam Mosque. A very nice and quaint place for lunch. Then went for zohor and went back to Intekma. we left shah Alam before the daily evening jam started. Our driver En. Halim said the jam normally starts at 5.30pm. reached UiTM campus at 6.30 pm. I did not go home but stayed in office till 9pm looking at Facebook posts and updates by friends.

6th March. Today I manage to open my blog angd type this 6 days overdue plan to write. I will spend this day to mark the OM assignments and key in their marks. This evening I will probably skip the badminton time if the assignments are completely marked.