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Monday, July 16, 2012

The 13th General Election.

The date for the next Malaysia general election is still a mystery, but the activities of the ruling politicians indicate it is any moment that the parliament may be dissolved, leading towards election. The top leaders of the country are going to the grassroots and addressing the issues that may give them the advantage to win the votes. They also go to the ground to fulfill the unfulfilled promises they made before the last election.
In this country, elections should be done every 3 years instead of the present 5. In the writer's opinion if the ruling government has a short time to fulfill their election campaign promises the man in the street or voters gain in terms of getting their dues earlier. The work culture of politicians here is to deliver before the next election; so have the next election soon and the promised benefits will be delivered to the masses sooner.
     This year has seen many people getting windfalls: public servants received a 13% pay increase, then the mosque officials, next the KEMAS officials including retired ones, uniformed unit personnel also got more perks. The mass lower income public were surprised with a one time no strings attached handout of RM500 per family, students in schools and tertiary institutions were given handouts of RM100 and RM200 respectively. In the FELDA schemes talk of handout was rife for more than six months because the amount was a hefty RM15K per household, albeit the restructuring of Felda Global Ventures, which this writer is not well informed of, and the felda settlers themselves do not study; so long as they get the carrot.
    The list of handouts can be really exhaustive, tyre for taxis, incentives for relief and volunteer organisations, youth associations and the list will go on and on, until we go to the polls.
      Another gain for the voter if election comes every 3 years is the frequency of getting election benefits or goodies increases. If election is once every 5 years - in 15 years the voters get election benefits such as paved roads or tax incentives only 3 times. If election is held every 3 years than in 15 years the bounties come 5 times or 66% more. So lets have elections more often and the general public gets the benefits.

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