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Sekali sekali perlu menulis perkara yang terlintas di minda
There are times you must write what crossed the mind

Friday, August 3, 2012

accountants of the future

They were born before the present millennium, went through schools that did not teach using rote learning style as in the 60s and had more exposure to English during their secondary school days plus from the Internet.They are studying accountancy. How will they be accountants when the computer can do so much in so little time. Accounting soft wares are aplenty and easily available, will all of them be employed in accounting? The employment question is bugging job seekers, parents and governments too. While more people are educated and trained for jobs, the jobs are becoming more and more scarce due to IT at the workplace. Banks have installed more ATMs and servers so that the need for staff is reduced.
   Are they not worried? Deep down maybe, but at present they are happy to have a place in accountancy and nearly all plan to proceed to get a Degree in Accountancy after the diploma program. A few plan to do post graduate and become lecturers. May their aspirations be achieved, Ameen.

15 days of Ramadhan.

Its now mid Ramadhan, the holy month for Muslims, when we abstain from food and drinks and other worldly pleasures during daytime. Its also a month of extra hard commitments towards Allah, many Muslims willingly give alms and perform deeds within this month whence pious believers are fully occupied in their faith to Allah.
My other half shed off 5 kilograms during the first half of this Ramadhan, maybe the second half will be kinder to her and take her closer to or below the ideal BMI. Muslims are a lucky lot if they adhere to teachings by  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Al Quran. On a more universal scale all religions teach their followers to make life a worthwhile journey but humans are such that being good is sometimes not good enough and some get thrills doing bad.