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Saturday, April 6, 2013


1 March 2013 is my official retirement date. Now a retired servant, I do not have to worry about clock in/clock out from work.  The first month was filled with family duties since MIL passed away 2 days before my retirement. There there was quite a lot of chores to fill up my time, then there were also matters pertaining to retirement needing immediate attention, travelling to Shah Alam and Putrajaya (Malaysia administrative capital) among the compulsory destinations.

Now the dust has settled, I am getting the real bliss of retirement. Alhamdulillah (Thank you Allah).

Next comes plans on what to do. My options are still open but for the next few months I will be quite freelancing on odd businesses here and there. Today I went to the family rubber plantation to clear the wild plants from the terraces. Then there is 1 PhD proposal for editing to fill up this weekend. Monday will see me travelling to Putrajaya again to submit a form for my other half.

After the rubber plantation work I spent some time at a friend's piece of resort plot (sort of maybe) took a bath at the cool stream in his plot.

The water is so clear that I could see the little fishes swimming away from me. this friend is a teacher together with me in Sekolah Datok Dol Said, Alor Gajah from 1991 until 1994. He intends to make this  plot as a holiday home in the future, as for now only close relatives and friends go there once in a while. 
The water really refreshed my tired limbs and body, very cool and naturally fresh from the top of a nearby mountain, and the natural environment adds freshness to the natural sculpture. 
  And the shade from the greenery really cools the body and mind, see this picture of the shady bamboo and plants.

I do not remember the amount my friend paid for this little peaceful haven, but if only there is a horse or two to keep the place more trodden upon.

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